Landmarks in Plovdiv

Римски стадион в Пловдив

Roman stadium in Plovdiv

Паметника Альоша в Пловдив

Alyosha Monument in Plovdiv

Today, livelier than ever, the city of the seven hills is the European Capital of Culture 2019.


  • Mall Plovdiv
  • Rowing base
  • Ancient Theater
  • The Roman stadium
  • Djumayata Square
  • the old Town
  • The Church of Our Lady
  • Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv
  • Trakart Cultural Center
  • Monument to Alyosha
  • Chifte Banya Museum
  • Little Basilica
  • “Trap” – the Plovdiv quarter dedicated to the creative industries
  • “Singing Fountains” at Tsar Simeon’s Garden
  • The peak of Nebet tepe and Danov hill
  • Swimming pool “Mladost”

Джумаята в Пловдив


Парк Отдих и култура Пловдив

Park “Recreation and Culture”

Park “Recreation and Culture” or “the lungs” of Plovdiv is one of the favorite places for walks of Plovdiv residents and guests. Apart from recreation and relaxation, the park is also used for active recreation. The possibilities for sports and entertainment are numerous – from cycling and rowing lessons to paintball and yoga.
Passing along the alleys that take you to the canal you will see from all sides well-maintained playgrounds, athletic tracks, signs for the road to the Plovdiv stadium.
Biking, roller skating, and skateboarding are prohibited in some of the alleys of the Rowing Base, they are the only pedestrian. But others will constantly overtake you, or you will be diverted to those sports enthusiasts.

If you walk along the canal, you will soon reach a beautiful bridge built above it and from there you can easily descend to the Maritsa River valley itself. The fish that swim in the canal waters can be seen with the naked eye. Fishing is forbidden, the reason for this is the world fishing championships taking place on the Canal.
The zoo is located in the huge park of the sports complex but is currently closed for reconstruction.


Гребна База Пловдив

Sport in Plovdiv

You can also take advantage of the facilities of the sports complex “Plovdiv”, which is one of the biggest sports centers in Bulgaria. Situated in the northwestern part of the city, the complex consists of two main components – the Plovdiv Stadium, with a capacity of 55 000 spectators, and the Rowing Base, which is the largest in the Balkans.

Racking Services:

  • Using a comb channel (length 2,200 m, width 120 m and depth 3 m)
  • Use of radio equipment
  • Use level at the judging committee of the Tower during sporting events
  • Using a ladder ladder
Посетете и другия ни хотел в Пловдив - Хотел Габи

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